Life Update!

Hello all! Here’s a little life update for y’all! A.k.a. things I should’ve blogged about at the time, but now it’s too late! August 2017: Went on vacation with my mom’s side of the family to our cabin in the Poconos! Hung out with my cousins and aunts and grandparents! Birthday celebrations Watched old home videos together! Last minute get-togethers and goodbyes to friends from … Continue reading Life Update!

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2016!

Hi all! I’m a little late writing this post, because we actually decorated the tree on Saturday (12/17), but I just got my computer back from being repaired so this won’t actually go up until 12/20.   So anyways, I got home from school last Wednesday and my family had picked out a tree the weekend before. We got a taller tree than usual, so … Continue reading Decorating the Christmas Tree 2016!