Spring Break 2016

Hi all! So this week, I’ve been on Spring Break and have had a pretty chill week at home. On Monday, I took class at my home dance studio and organized a bit (see pictures of calendars and planners).

On Tuesday, my mom and I took our dog, Charlie, for a walk and she took some photos of me! She’s a fantastic photographer and I needed new dance photos, so we walked the path behind our neighborhood to the bridge that goes up to the elementary school. Charlie loved it and spent most of the time in the water underneath the bridge. Please take into consideration that I’m still working on my pointe work and I haven’t been on pointe very much this school year because I don’t have enough room in my schedule for it. However, I very much miss it and want to keep improving as much as I can!

I also visited my studio director on Tuesday and it was so lovely to see her! On Wednesday, I went to lunch with my mom and we walked around town a bit. I had sushi that night with a few friends and today I visited my music school with more friends! I’m loving the warm weather we’ve been having this early in March and hope it’ll continue! Hope you’re all having lovely warm weather as well!



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