Philly Adventuring

Hi there! So for the past two months I’ve been assistant stage managing The Little Mermaid at a local theatre. It’s been a lot of fun, but our last show was on Saturday, and now it’s onto the next summer theatre gig. Starting yesterday, I am co-directing James and the Giant Peach Jr. at the music school that I grew up at, with my friend, Aubrey. James is two weeks, then we’re interning for most of the summer, helping out with Seussical Jr. and after that, All Shook Up. All of that being said, Sunday was my one day off in between these long jobs. So, Delaney and I took to Philly and drove in to get dinner and see If/Then on it’s last night in Philly on tour.



We left in the early afternoon and when we got there, we parked, went to the bank, got some pretzels at wawa, then proceeded to wait outside The Academy of Music until the box office opened. Delaney’s friend from school, Carrollanne, met us in the city and the three of us got rush tickets sitting together.

After we got the tickets, we took the subway down to 2nd street station and walked to Spruce Street Harbor Park for dinner. I’ve never been, but it’s so pretty down there! We got our food and ate, took pictures, and then headed back to get Ben and Jerry’s in Center City before the show.

We were cutting it close with time, so we ran, eating our ice cream (I got Dairy-Free PB & Cookies), from the ice cream shop to the theatre and got there with five minutes to spare. Our seats were incredible, we were in row H of the orchestra; we got lucky!

After the show, we drove Carrollanne home, and then drove home ourselves. Overall it was a very fun day and a great way to spend my day off!



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