Cape Cod 2016

Hi everyone! Every summer, my family heads up to Cape Cod to visit my grandparents. Usually it’s for the Fourth of July, however this summer we went a bit later. It’s usually my family, our cousins from California, and our cousins from Pennsylvania. This trip was a little different because our cousins from Pennsylvania just recently moved to Massachusetts, so they weren’t on the Cape with the rest of them, but we did get to visit them on the way home!

I was finishing up work for the summer, so my mom, dad, two sisters, and brother went up on Friday without me. On Sunday, my mom drove down with Colleen and Ryan, because Colleen had pre-season and Ryan had plans with friends. On Monday, my mom and I drove back up to the Cape and stayed until Thursday with Sarah and my dad.

Day One:

My mom and I left Monday morning and drove to her parents house in Connecticut. We stopped briefly to say hello before continuing up to the Cape.

We had dinner at my grandparents that night, before going out for ice cream.

Day Two:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We started off the second day by having breakfast at my grandparents house and then continued the day by heading to main street to walk around and shop.

I was extremely tired when we got back to the rental house for lunch, so I fell asleep while everyone else ate. When I woke up, I had some lunch and then joined everyone at a small local beach to relax and enjoy the weather.

After the beach, we went back to my grandparents to spend time with them and eat dinner.

Day Three:

Day three also began with breakfast at our grandparents’ house. Afterwards, we went to Cuffy’s to get Cape Cod apparel. I got a jacket and two shirts! Following Cuffy’s, we went back to the house to get changed for the beach. We went to a larger beach on the third day and I actually went swimming, which isn’t a normal occurrence!

We went home and showered and changed after the beach and hung out at the house before heading back to Grandma and Grandpa’s. I made s’mores dip that night for dessert and Izzy danced for us as our after dinner entertainment!

Day Four:
Our final day on the Cape! We got up early to pack everything up and stopped briefly at Grandma and Grandpa’s to say goodbye.

After we said goodbye, we headed out to mainland Massachusetts to visit our other cousins! We got a tour of their new house and town and got some lunch and ice cream before hitting the road again to head home!

It was a pretty long drive home, but the whole ride was surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, so I can’t complain!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


It was a much needed vacation and it was so nice to spend time with family!

Happy end of summer!

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