First Week of Classes

Hi everyone! So I’m back at school and this past week was my first week of classes! One of them already got cancelled, which was unfortunate, and I had to do a bit of rearranging to find another class, but I believe (I hope) it’s all worked out now! I moved in last Saturday and went out to lunch with my parents and Colleen before they headed back home.

I’m on crew for a show and they open next week, which means my schedule is crazy busy right now, but once September is over, it’ll calm down a bit! I’m just trying to stay ahead of my homework, so I can still sleep!

The sunset on the way home from rehearsal was so pretty!

This weekend my family was at our log cabin and I would’ve loved to go out and meet them there, but I was at rehearsal all weekend. My sister posted a picture of Charlie (our dog) on her snapchat story and I got emotional over it (I love him and miss him and it’s barely been a week!)

All in all the semester is off to a good (yet busy) start and I’m excited to see what else it has in store!

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