My Weekend in New York!

This past weekend I went to visit my friend, Meagan, in New York City! It was so lovely to see her and be back in the city!

On Friday, I took a bus and arrived in the city Friday night. We dropped off my stuff and went to a market near her to get food for dinner. Most of Friday night was spent in her room, catching up and chatting!

On Saturday, we met up with a few of her friends for bagels, then took the subway to 8th avenue. She and her friends had rehearsal and I went to Penn Station to meet my friend, Aubs, who was coming in for the day to hang out with us! Aubs and I went to a puppy store, which was amazing (also I want all the dogs ever in the world (can you tell I miss Charlie?)) and sat in a park and chatted about school for a while. It was so nice to see her!!

After a while, we went back to see if Meagan was out of rehearsal yet, which she wasn’t, so we went to a diner for lunch. Meagan met us once she was done with rehearsal and once we were all done eating, we went to Paper Source! We all fell in love with everything and were very sad that we couldn’t buy anything! After Paper Source we went to a bookstore and then a thrift shop, after which we hit up another diner for dinner. None of us were really feeling a full meal, so Aubs and I got fries and Meagan got a milkshake. Aubs went home after that and Meagan and I headed back to her place. We spent the night catching up and watching Cinderella, because she hadn’t seen the 2015 version (I’m obsessed with it).

I had a 12:00 bus out of the city, so Sunday morning I packed up and we went to Walgreens to get some pop tarts and water for the road and then I headed out!

Also, I’m posting this on October 4, so Happy World Ballet Day!!


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