Fall Road Trip 2016

Hi there! So this past weekend, Delaney was on her fall break and I didn’t have classes on Monday because of a school event, so we decided to go on a mini road trip of our favorite fall places!

Day 1: Friday, October 14

My mom left a car in a parking garage near my school for my Friday morning and after classes ended, I grabbed my stuff from my room and drove to pick up Laney from her school! We grabbed dinner by her school before heading to her family’s Lake House! Once we were there, we watched the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time (love that show) and then headed to bed.

Every time we go to the lake house, we take a mock serious photo in front of this horse plaque and send it to our friends! (It’s a long story…)

Day 2: Saturday, October 15

We got up Saturday morning and grabbed a nutritious breakfast of a pop tart and a banana (that we ended up throwing out) from the nearest gas station before heading to our first stop!

Before leaving the lake house, however, we walked down to the lake and drove to the dam to take pictures!

Backstory: Every year since we were little, we’d go on a daddy daughter rafting trip through girl scouts the first weekend in September. On the way to the rafting site, we’d go through this tiny little mountainside town that we’d want to stop in, but never did. Two years ago, Delaney and I finally made a trip of it and visited the town. It was so pretty and such a good day trip, that we knew we definitely wanted to go back.

We finally made it back on Saturday! It was this town’s Fall Festival, which was a bigger event than we realized. We had to park 4 miles away and wait almost an hour for a shuttle to get into town, which significantly shortened our time there, unfortunately. We grabbed lunch and walked around, taking pictures and going into a few shops before heading out!

Around 2:00, we started to head home. We stopped back at Laney’s school because she forgot some fruit in her room and then made it all the way home. I dropped Laney off at her house and then proceeded to mine. That night, my sisters and I watched Halloweentown High (a classic halloween movie) and my parents got back later from a comedy show they were at. I showed them pictures from the day and eventually headed upstairs to bed.

Day 3: October 16

The next day, we went to Church in the morning, before going to our favorite local apple orchard. Delaney drove to my house and then Sarah, Laney, and I went to pick up Sarah’s friend, Jordan, before heading to the orchard!

We took many a picture while we were there and just enjoyed the atmosphere. We did the corn maze and saw friends from Church. We bought the best apples, apple cider, and apple cider donuts you will ever taste (though sadly, I can no longer join in the eating of the donuts *yay dairy*) and then headed home.

Later that night, I brought Ryan to Church (he had procrastinated too much getting ready to go in the morning) and went to Old Navy and Target while I waited to pick him up again. After that, I did some homework, ate dinner with my family, and watched the first episode of Timeless with my mom (watch it watch it watch it). I fell asleep watching the episode (don’t worry, it was late, the show is very good) and slept on the couch until around 3:30, when I woke up and realized I was in jeans and still had makeup on my face, so I moved upstairs to my room and went to bed.

Day 4: October 17

I packed up in the morning and my mom and I started heading back to school. We stopped at the store on the way back to get s’mores supplies. Later that night, my roommate and I had a Gilmore Girls marathon and s’mores night (featuring dairy free chocolate and gluten free graham crackers because neither of us can eat anything).


Overall, it was a super fun weekend and I’m so glad I had the chance to go home and see my family!


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