Thanksgiving 2016

Hi all! It’s November 27 and it’s the last day of my Thanksgiving break. I’m working on some homework, because I barely touched it before now (probably not a good idea), but let me catch you up on what my Thanksgiving did consist of!

On Tuesday night, my Mom and I went to see An American in Paris, it was my second time seeing it and it was just as incredible the second time!

We drove home after the show and Wednesday morning, my sister Sarah and I drove out to our family’s log cabin, where we do Thanksgiving every year. My Dad was already there and shortly after we arrived, Mommy, Colleen, and Ryan followed with Charlie. I decided I wanted to curl my hair, so I did what I call ‘Shrek Curls’ because of how I did my hair when I was in Shrek, but it’s basically loose 20s curls.


Not long after that, my maternal Grandparents, Grandma Sally and Grandpa Jim, arrived! By the end of the night, it was my immediate family, Grandparents, Auntie Meg, Auntie Chele, Ali, Jack, Emma, Connor, Maeve, James, two dogs (Charlie and Auntie Meg’s dog, Kora) and Delaney’s family (though they were staying in their house down the street). We played card games and telestrations (a family favorite!) and it was all very fun!


The next day (Happy Thanksgiving!), Uncle Phil, Aunt Mary, Allison, Natalie, Caroline, and Sophia came and we spent the day doing much of the same as the day before, playing cards and board games, and of course eating. It was also Auntie Chele’s birthday, so we celebrated that.

On Friday morning, Auntie Chele, Jack, Ali, Uncle Phil, Aunt Mary, Allison, Natalie, Caroline, and Sophia left. Around noon, we went Black Friday shopping super briefly and I got a small curling iron. Shortly after returning from the mall, Emma, Connor, James, and Maeve left. I started watching the Gilmore Girls Revival with my mom (AHHHH!!!) and later that night we saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! I very much enjoyed both 🙂


On Saturday morning, Auntie Meg left with Kora and shortly after, Grandma and Grandpa departed. Daddy, Sarah, and I went to the craft fair, looked around, and ended up buying some chocolate desserts! Early afternoon, Sarah and I drove home and within a couple hours, everyone was home. I worked on some homework and visited with my friend, Maggie. Saturday night, my Mom and I finally finished the first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival! It was so good!!

Sunday morning, I went to church with my parents and saw Delaney and her family. My parents were going to a basketball game by my school, so we left around noon to bring me back. I did some laundry and homework and watched a lot of Gilmore Girls (I’m halfway through Summer now) and I just finished watching Journey Back to Christmas on Hallmark Channel.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting into the Christmas spirit!


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