Visiting Delaney!

Hi there! So it’s been a bit of time since I’ve written on here; I had a few posts I wanted to make, but then life got busy and it’s a little too late now. However, I’m on my spring break currently (even though it’s snowing outside) and I wanted to write about how I started my spring break.

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So Delaney goes to school about an hour from me, but I never got to make a proper trip out to visit her for a weekend last year. We decided to wait until I was on spring break and then I could take a car and drive up to her and we’d be able to explore more than if I’d taken the bus. On Sunday morning, I drove up to her school and brought my stuff up to her room.

I met some of her friends as she got ready and then we headed out to brunch at a local diner with her roommate, Ana. The food was so good (and cheap!!) and after breakfast, we went back up to campus and got some homework and went to a bookshop where we looked around and then studied for a bit (Laney had an essay to work on).

After a couple of hours there, we went back up to the house, where they were giving out ice cream and after that we went and got dinner. We just went to subway for dinner before going to a vegan dessert place (it was amazing!!!). Laney and split a chocolate chip cookie cake and I got some peanut butter cups! After dessert, we drove back up to campus and watched Mary Poppins before going to sleep.

Monday morning, Laney had class from 8-9, most of which I was asleep for (in her room, I didn’t go to class with her and then fall asleep haha). When she came back, I got dressed and we went downstairs for breakfast. After that, she gave me a tour of campus and then we chilled in the library. She had class from 12:45-2:00, so while she went to class, I kept working on homework in the library. After her class, we went into town to see some of the historical art exhibits that were part of the town and then drove to the top of campus to see a view from the tallest building.

After that, we had an extremely early dinner (like, 4:00 in the afternoon) at an Italian place before finishing the vegan cake and Mary Poppins in her room. I headed out around 6:30. It was so nice to finally be able to spend a couple days with her and have her show me around! Happy Spring Break!

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