Decorating the Christmas Tree 2016!

Hi all! I’m a little late writing this post, because we actually decorated the tree on Saturday (12/17), but I just got my computer back from being repaired so this won’t actually go up until 12/20.   So anyways, I got home from school last Wednesday and my family had picked out a tree the weekend before. We got a taller tree than usual, so … Continue reading Decorating the Christmas Tree 2016!

Christmas Tree Decorating

Some families have a tradition of getting and setting up their tree the day after Thanksgiving. My family is not that organized. It’s December 19 and we got our tree a couple days ago and decorated it today. We don’t have the tallest of ceilings, so our trees are generally pretty short. It’s usually decorated pretty eclectically, but I like it. We have colored lights … Continue reading Christmas Tree Decorating